Introduction to UbikFocus
This main level screen displays the access to the content pages of this app. Here you can find all the key features of UbikFocus such as the Inbox, Projects, Context, Calendar, Map, Flagged, Search and Logbook, your roadmap to getting things done! Tap on any to open and begin getting things done. You can always return to this main screen by tapping the Home button on the top of the Quick Access view. From here you can access all the key features of UbikFocus.

The Inbox is a place to quickly create actions or to make a list. Drop your ideas in the Inbox by creating Actions. If you´re no up to the task of meticulously organizing them just yet, come back at a later time and to assign a Project or Context. You can open the Inbox and make a list there by pressing the Add icon on the Homepage or in the Toolbar located at the bottom panel of any other screens of the Application.

In the Projects screen you can view and organize tasks you have created. Your actions can be assigned to a Project which in turn can be categorized into folders.
In the Context  is a place where you can organize your actions into a place where you can get them done.

In Calendar  you can see the forecast of what needs to be done. UbikFocus has also integrated the Apple iPhone Calendar into its system so that you can create or view events directly on UbikFocus.

The Maps  screen displays your current location and also context locations on a map that you are closest to. GPS must be activated on your phone to use this feature.

The Flagged  contains all the tasks you have marked as important.

Search for Projects, Context, Folders or Tasks that you want to view, edit, flag or mark complete.

The Logbook  allows you to view your daily progress and productivity.

The Toolbar is located at the bottom of every content page of the app and displays four icons, Quick Access, Filter, Quick Action and Add icon.