Check the most important featrures that you can find in the app.

Smart Dashboard

Shows all the schedule items that you have for the current day. This smart view will update in real time showing the scheduled classes and exams you have to attend and an overview of the assignments you have to track.

The Planner

Managing your schedule starts with good planning. You will be able to plan and manage your semesters, courses, lectures, exams and assignments. You also can add information like the classroom location, exam rooms, start/end time of your classes and many more.

Print Reports

Print reports without having to use another software. It is as simple as just sending it to the printer. With this app you can print reports such as a student list of a course, the grade book of one exam or assignment, or the grade book of the entire course.

Export Data

In case you need to share your data we provide an easy way to export your data to CSV files, so you can work with it directly on Excel. You can export your student list, your grade book for course, exams and many more.

Track your Assignments

Remembering the status of yours assignments is always a difficult thing to do. This app allows you to easily manage and track all your assignments, so you can conveniently check the status of assignments and see which ones are submitted, marked and given back to students.

Grade your student

This app provides a powerful and complete system for grading your students. We offer the most commonly used grading system, but has the flexibility to allow teachers to customize it based on the requirements of your teaching institution.


Check the Calendar to view the week and to see every event, lecture, meeting or exam you have scheduled on which days.

Track student attendance

No need to waste paper, track student attendance with a touch of your finger.

Import Data

We offer an easy way to import data, so you do not need to manually enter all yours student by hand.

iCal Events Integrate

This app has integrated iCal Events from the Apple Calendar. Allowing you to manage both teacher life and social life, so you can see where you can pencil some leisure time.


Be informed! Stay up to date & on time with notifications, the best way to receive alerts and stay current.

Backup your data

Send, delete and restore data your data, this app offers a manageable approach to data management.

Check out our support page to know more about these features. Also feel free to contact us about any questions.